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Wildlife Removal

We all love nature. It has its place. And the story book woodland creatures do too. That place is definitely not living in your home or business. It may be cute for a second or two, but you know if there's one or two critters many are bound to follow. Call critter getter in Dothan, AL, serving all of Southeast Alabama and rid your property of critters once and for all.

For anything from bats and raccoons to possums and snakes and everything in between, critter getter has the equipment and expertise to get the job done without causing more damage to you, your property or the critter in question. Call today for advice or a call-out, critter getter is always here to help.
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Skunks are a common problem we know how to deal with
Bats are one of the types of critters we take care of

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At critter getter, we believe in being responsive, available and affordable. We serve Dothan, AL and surrounding areas taking care of every critter imaginable. Let the experts handle the job, otherwise you or the animal could be harmed, or your property could end up very damaged. If you're hearing chewing or scratching noises coming from your attic call us today and avoid a more costly mess.

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National Wildlife Control Operators Association

Proudly Serving Southeast Alabama

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While it may seem harmless to have an animal or two under the porch, or making a nest in the ground in the yard, things can quickly get out of hand. If the seasons are changing, so do the animals habits as they have behavior for each one. Don't host raccoons for the winter, or let your yard be torn up by armadillos. For bats living in your attic, possums under the porch, or bobcats terrorizing the livestock, call critter getter and trust the experts to calmly and safely take care of the problem. Call us today in Southeast Alabama and be critter free!
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We have been proudly serving the Wiregrass area for over 30 years. As a second generation family business, we care about this community. 

When you purchase from a local business, you are contributing directly to the local economy. Local businesses are the lifeblood of American economic innovation. 
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