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Region For Over 40 Years
A Locally Owned & Operated 
2nd Generation Family 
Business since 1987

Preventative Measures

Don't put yourself at risk in Southeast Alabama. Call critter getter!

Mice and rats are an issue we know how to take care of

Wildlife Damage Control

Your home is your castle. Protect it from critters and other animals that invade. Not only can they spread disease, they can cause damage to your property that can be more expensive to repair later. Trying to take care of the problem yourself can also lead to more problems. critter getter offers fast and reliable service. The critter getter is a member of the National Wildlife Control Operators Association and has the knowledge and expertise to rid your property of critters once and for all.
Our company also deals with wildlife pests such as armadillos

Critter Prevention

To prevent a critter problem, or a nest of animals on your property or in your home, you can take preventative measures. critter getter can help with that. Many years of experience and a lot of training and expertise has taught us many things about critters and their habits. Let us share with you some tips and things to do to keep critters out for good and keep your home safe. We will check that past and potential entry points are taken care of so animals do not have a way of gaining re-entry. We offer a guarantee on all of our exclusion work. For reasonable rates and prompt services call critter getter.
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